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Despite being the country with the most surface area dedicated to wine production in the entire world, Spain is somehow underrated in terms of its reputation in the global viticultural landscape. Perhaps this is due to the laid-back lifestyle – the Spanish are not a people pre-disposed to seek the spotlight, preferring rather to enjoy the fruits of their labor on a local scale, drinking their world-class wines in the shade of a tree-lined plaza while nibbling on the country’s famous Tapas. They take their winegrowing very seriously, however, as wine is an ever-present part of the Spanish culture, an accompaniment to every meal, and vineyards are a fixture of the landscape in every corner of this ancient, diverse country.  All of this culture, tradition, hard work and know-how is transmitted to every glass of The Main Event Cabernet.


The Main Event Cabernet is darkly colored, with a dark ruby, magenta-tinted hue. On the nose, you’ll find aromas of sweet spice, raspberry, blueberry, fig and tobacco. The palate is richly texture and round, where the red fruit notes from the nose are repeated, along with a kiss of vanilla on the finish. The tannins are soft and ripe, giving framework and focus to this terroir-driven wine.


Roast beef, high-cacao dark chocolate, Gorgonzola walnut ravioli, pepperoni pizza, aged cow’s milk cheeses, roasted beet salad with hazelnuts.



The Main Event Cabernet hails from the celebrated wine region of La Mancha, considered Spain’s viticultural heartland. This is a dry, dusty region of vineyards and windmills, long days and festive nights. The Main Event vineyards are located in a prime location within La Mancha, occupying a high plain with an elevation of 722 meters, giving the vines excellent sun exposure but also granting them access to the crucial breezes of this elevated plateau that work to cool down the Cabernet fruit.

Our winery partners at The Main Event have been making wine at the same location since 1950. Originally producing wines intended for the local market and rarely crossing local borders, all that has changed after the current winemaker and family scion was the first to have the opportunity to travel abroad and experience winemaking culture as practiced in other regions. Under his direction, the winery has embraced foreign markets and refined the style of the wines to please the international palate. It is thanks to his vision, drive and tenacity that we were able to present this delectable Spanish Cabernet to you.



After harvest, The Main Event Cabernet grapes are transported directly to the winery, where they are de-stemmed and gently loaded into a combination of stainless steel and concrete tanks. After fermentation is complete, oak is used during the elevage process to further develop the complexity of flavor and texture in our Spanish Cabernet, which is then lightly filtered and bottled.

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