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Bordeaux, Napa…Bulgaria??? Ok, while not exactly on the short list of the world’s most famous wine regions, this ancient Eastern European wine producing country certainly deserves to be better known. And why not? Bulgaria lies on the same latitude as Italy and Spain and is blessed with a combination of continental and Mediterranean climatic influences, making it perfectly situated for fine wine production. Bulgarian wines are extraordinary - high quality, flavor-forward, stylish wines carefully crafted to meet the exacting standards of the international marketplace. Moderne Cabernet is carefully crafted in a state of the art facility leading Bulgaria’s wine quality revolution, where limitations are tossed aside and expectations constantly surpassed.


Surprisingly aromatic, Moderne Cabernet opens with striking red berry fruit aromas along with hints of earth and savory herbs. All the elements that make Bulgaria such a special place for growing grapes come together effortlessly in the glass, where Crushed Cabernet displays the elegance that is possible in this historic region. The palate shows a deep core of red fruit – cherry, berry and plum, enshrouded by notes of freshly tilled earth and mint. Finishes with fine tannins and a lingering note of pipe tobacco and thyme.


Filet Mignon, braised short ribs, roast lamb, lasagna, beef kebabs, hearty vegetable soup.



Moderne Cabernet represents a delicious surprise from a formidable wine region.  After a long period of oppression and decline under communist rule, Bulgarian wine is back and fighting for a place on your table. We are absolutely amazed at Bulgaria's ability to offer very high quality, modern-styled wines at jaw-dropping prices. This is terroir rediscovered, with a brilliant vinous surprise around every corner.

Acknowledging their position as viticultural underdog, Bulgaria has made staggering advances by relying on a grass-roots, artisanal approach to wine production. There are a high proportion of young winemakers who have gone abroad for training and come back to the motherland, with skills gleaned and lessons learned from time spent elsewhere. The wine industry is re-developing almost from scratch, and Moderne Cabernet is proud to take you along for the ride.



After harvest, Moderne is de-stemmed completely, allowing us greater control over the fermentation and extraction processes, in the goal of expressing purity and elegance in our Bulgarian Cabernet. Fermentation and aging takes place in a mix of stainless steel and oak, smoothing out Moderne’s tannins and building depth in the finished wine.

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