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The Tre Venezie appellation of Northeastern Italy is one of the most exciting locations in the entire country for the production of elegant, focused and balanced Cabernet wines. Prendere le Ali vines are planted on south-west facing slopes to ensure optimal exposure to the passage of the sun, while also profiting from the cool air funneling down from the nearby Alps. The results are wines with a gorgeous red-fruited flavor profile, soaring aromatics and beautifully soft and refined tannins. Finding the perfect balance between too heavy and too light, too rich and too thin, Prendere le Ali is a wine of personality and charm, just like the Tre Venezie hillsides where it is grown.


Prendere le Ali is approachable and imminently drinkable, with a core of red fruit and spice flavors, with a fresh, lengthy finish. This complex, juicy, fleshy wine features cherry, mint, red licorice and tobacco leaf flavors and an open-knit, appealing texture. The finish is smooth and polished, with a savory tang.


Venison, Asiago or Gouda cheese, gratin dauphinoise, dishes featuring dried porcini mushrooms, buffalo burgers, mint-rubbed lamb.



Italy is an ancient place where old world meets new, and this sophisticated Cabernet takes vinous inspiration from both. The old world influence gives a savory, food friendly character, while the new world provides fruity punch and a generous disposition to this structured, complex Italian red. Located on the slopes lunging down from the mountains toward the sea, the particular geology and location of our vineyards boasts well-drained, alluvial soils which produce fresh, fruity wines custom crafted to appeal to international market.

This is prime Italian viticultural heartland, a region long celebrated for its agricultural potential due to its ability to consistently ripen grapes from year to year. Indeed, evidence of farming this valley has been found dating back to prehistoric times. Not a bad track record! It is this magical place, where the vineyards separate the mountains and the sea, where we find the ability to consistently produce a wine that is typical of its origins and full of inimitable Italian charm.



The tiny berries produced by these hard-working Cabernet vines contain an extremely high ratio of skin to juice, making a skilled winemaking hand critical in order to manage successful extraction. The Prendere le Ali team has worked with Italian fruit for multiple generations, and the result is a wine of true breed and distinction.

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