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The Comté de Toloson appellation is a relatively unknown, yet prolific, region in the southwest of France. This beautiful region is bordered by mountains to the south and east, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the vineyards of Bordeaux to the north. Bisected by the Garonne River, Tolosan features a perfect climate for the production of fruit-forward, medium bodied Cabernet wines. Blessed with warm temperatures and a long growing season, consistency is a hallmark of these wines. Tolosan is a perfect example of a viticultural jewel hidden in plain sight, and a reminder that great wines can be grown in unexpected places.


This exciting French Cab pours a deep ruby/purple color. A smorgasbord of vivid cassis, crushed violet and dark chocolate notes on the palate are a fine testament to what the Tolosan region can do with this legendary varietal. Crowned Beast Cabernet features enough fruit to facilitate immediate consumption, but with enough tannic framework to reward a short decant.


Grilled steak, veal, sausage, pasta puttanesca, white bean soup, aged cheeses.



Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. To produce a balanced Cabernet, of course you need enough intensity of sunlight and heat to ripen the grapes properly, but also cooling elements – maritime breezes, cool nighttime temperatures that bring relief from the warmth of daytime. It is for this reason that we chose France’s Tolosan wine region for this entry in the 12 Days of Cabernet box – a region that has no problem producing the robust fruit and midpalate heft that we desire in Crowned Beast Cabernet, but also cool enough for polished tannins and supporting acidity.

In the last decade, more and more young French vignerons are looking for an alternative to the “name brand” appellations to plant their Cabernet vines. With land costs that are a fraction of neighboring Bordeaux, Tolosan is quickly emerging as a value leader in French wine. As these grapegrowing pioneers continue to hone their craft and refine their cellar techniques, their efforts are resulting in a cornucopia of generous-yet-elegant, full-bodied reds that serve to recalibrate our perceptions of what defines a great French Cabernet.



Our Tolosan Cabernet Sauvignon loves to have its rough edges softened, its’ intense fruit character balanced by a kiss of oak. To this end, we age Crowned Beast in French oak before bottling, all the while tasting the wine to ensure proper evolution and a graceful maturation curve. In this way, we can ensure the classic, Old World Cabernet character for which we strive.

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