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This aristocratic wine is the real deal - classic Bordeaux from the heart of the region. The Medoc growing region, located to the north of the city of Bordeaux, is the most historic, most famous, most coveted source of Cabernet wines on Earth. Here, the vines produce a liquid treasure that is unrivaled in its ability to balance fruit, acid, tannin and a textural component that is impossible to replicate in any other wine region. Horizon de Lynch Medoc Cabernet projects a sense of class and breed, something timelessly elegant yet offering enough accessibility of fruit to please the modern palate.


True to its noble origins, Horizon de Lynch Cabernet boasts a robust, generous red fruit character that hints at cherries, currants and raspberries, with an underpinning of freshly tilled soil and coffee. Structured and intense, this classic expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from the heartland of Cabernet is full bodied and intense, yet polished and elegant.


Prime rib, pepper crusted lamb steaks, dark chocolate cake, hearty pesto pasta with sausage, aged cow’s cheeses, carne asada.



The culture of Bordeaux is shaped by its geography, history and economy. All three have played major roles in the development of its wine industry. The three major rivers of the area – Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne - have always provided access to ports and international trade, as well as being a moderating factor to the climate. Cabernet Sauvignon has been grown here for centuries, exported first to the British, and eventually to every major wine drinking market around the world.

The Bordelais have always been at the forefront of technological innovation in the art of winemaking, and the first French wine growing region to embrace export markets. The people behind the wine labels have always been forward-thinking and innovative, skilled and proud of their contribution to the proliferation of the love of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape internationally. When you enjoy Horizon de Lynch, take a moment and ponder both its origins and the profundity of French Cabernet Sauvignon and its’ global influence.



Cabernet loves sunshine, so the Horizon de Lynch team spends long hours in the vineyard in the months leading up to harvest ensuring that every grape bunch has the exposure it needs to the nourishing rays of Bordeaux sunlight. This allows our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to ripen fully and evenly, and to produce a balanced wine.

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