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Dating back thousands of years to the arrival of the Romans with their vine cuttings, the Bordeaux region was immediately identified as having the potential to produce world-class wine. Fast forward to today, this potential has been realized, and Bordeaux is firmly associated with some of the world’s greatest wines. Cabernet Sauvignon vines are planted in some of the best locations in the region, where the grapes profit from the access to sunshine and cooling maritime breezes. What makes a Bordeaux Cabernet special is its balance of sweet fruit and savory elements, along with mineral notes - all found in this special bottle of Vol Royal, which we are proud to share with you.


The aromas and flavors of this wine range from dark fruits to kitchen spices, with a smoky, meaty undercurrent. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is ripe with fresh red cherries, blackberries, clove and mint notes. Vol Royal finishes broad and long, with supple tannins that give the wine structure and focus.


Filet Mignon, braised short ribs, roast lamb, lasagna, beef kebabs, hearty vegetable Roast pork, lamb gyros, meatball subs, spicy sausage, aged Parmesan and Romano cheeses, braised beef short ribs.



France is world-famous for it’s ability to produce an incredible diversity of fine wine, thanks to its stunning diversity of landscapes and millennia of viticultural experience. Each grape growing region adds it’s particular stamp to the styles of wine it grows, and Bordeaux is synonymous with great Cabernet. This warm, southwestern region produces an elegant, refined and layered style of Cabernet, and Vol Royal invites you along on to discover the vinous riches of this legendary place.

With Vol Royal, we have a vision and a purpose – to provide the same quality of Bordeaux Cabernet as the legendary chateaux, yet accessible to American wine drinkers for everyday consumption. To achieve this mission, we forged relationships with some of the biggest names in the Bordeaux region, build a sense of reliability and trust, and gained access to both fruit sources and technical knowhow previously reserved for the most exclusive tier of wines. Thus, Vol Royal was born, your boarding pass to a flight of Cabernet royalty.



Despite its humble price tag, no expense was spared in the production of this classically styled Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon. Vol Royal was aged in high-quality French oak, further softening the tannins and adding layers of complexity and refinement before being bottled.

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