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The most iconic red grape variety in France, Bordeaux’s Cabernet Sauvignon wines are justly world famous and have earned their place in the pantheon of the planet’s most coveted vinous treasures. Despite its’ diaspora to all four corners of the wine growing world, every winemaker recognizes Bordeaux as the reference for great Cabernet Sauvignon. From it’s noble winemaking tradition going back centuries to it’s status as the epicenter of viticultural innovation, Bordeaux relies on it’s history as a guide but never rests on it’s laurels, ever eager to continue to improve the quality of it’s wines to remain at the top of the Cabernet pyramid. Pour yourself a glass, let the aromas hit your nose, put the wine to your lips and let Les Champs d’Or transport you to the most classic of red wine regions – Bordeaux.


Big, bold and warm-hearted, this Bordeaux Cabernet is a wine of soul and structure, driven by a fruity minerality cutting through a firm, dense core. Full bodied, ripe and juicy, this wine evolves with layers of complexity - spanning the gamut from cassis and fig flavors to cigar box and graphite tones, with a long, expressive, vivid finish.


Roasted chestnuts, rotisserie chicken, lamb chops, sharp cheddar cheese, country pâté, braised pork shoulder.



The wines from Bordeaux are steeped in tradition, quality and romance.  Almost 2 centuries ago a group of people looked out across the Gironde Estuary at what most would consider as nothing but a marshy wasteland.  But those whose blood ran thick with generations of winemaking knew that if tamed this land could produce fine wine….one could hardly guess that they knew it would soon become the world’s finest region bar none. 

The wild Pine forests that create the western edge of the wine growing region act as a barrier from the harsh Atlantic ocean winds, while the rivers forming the eastern borders ensure a calm, template climate- neither too hot nor too cold. In Autumn’s golden sunlight, these perfectly situated vineyards are harvested for their purple gold – the noble grapes that produce some of the world’s most revered wines. Les Champs d’Or celebrates this heritage of quality in the form of a luscious, sumptuous, dynamic Cabernet, grown in Bordeaux with inimitable French pride.


The Champs d’Or team is quality-conscious at every step of the winemaking process, making sure to process each grape bunch with utmost care. Upon arrival at the winery, the fruit is destemmed and fermented in state-of-the-art stainless steel tanks. The wine is allowed to mature gracefully and blended before bottling.

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